We offer Design and Installation Services

Whole Garden Designs:

When envisioning a garden's potential, it can be challenging for a homeowner to see the overall direction and expression of their potential garden. When trying to combine functional patio space with the unique feel of a specific garden experience, it can often be very helpful to create a whole garden design. This can be as simple as a very basic plan of major hardscaping features and major plant components or as detailed as exact cultivars of perennials. Our whole garden design process includes in depth listening to your needs as a homeowner as well as full attention to each garden's unique location and attributes. 

Full size plans include any or all of the following: trees, shrubs, perennials, patios, decks, pergolas, arches, fences, garden sheds, and walkways.  

We can guide you on order of implementation based on your needs and priorities as well as ease of installation. We also can give you a cost estimate for all components that we also typically install.  

Whole Garden Designs are one of the most powerful tools to ensure that your investment in your garden brings the greatest rewards and that your garden grows to become a beautiful and functional addition to your living space and complement to your home.

Select Area Designs:

These plans create the design for a select area of your garden, be that a patio, planting area, entrance, herb garden, or deck. It can be a tiny area or the whole back yard.

On Site Consultation:

An on site consultation includes a review of the property, marking of new or enlarged planting beds with marker paint, suggestions for tree, shrub and perennial selections, suggestions for hardscaping features. These last 1 - 1.5 hours and give the homeowner design ideas and concepts for a very affordable price. This is a great tool for those homeowners that love to garden and know the basics but need some ideas and specifics from a professional. These can be a one time consultation or become an ongoing series of consultations as needed as the garden develops. This is a great tool for your hands on home gardener.

Permaculture Design Services:

Permaculture design is an elaborate design process that will give you a full understanding of how water flows, sun angles, seasonal cycles and much more make your property unique. It is a holistic design process that works with the natural patterns to ultimately create highly beneficial, life rich ecosystems within your garden or larger property. We suggest starting this process with a permaculture design consultation to explore what possibilities your garden holds. 

Installation Services:

HARDSCAPING-Stone and Wood
Patios and pathways
Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Custom Cedar Fences, Sheds, Pergolas and Trellises
Raised Beds

​Full Garden Installation
Rain Gardens
Genuine Native Plant Gardens
Edible Gardens
Bird, Bee, Butterfly Gardens
Food Forests
Kitchen Gardens
Meadows and Woodlands

​Overflowing Urn
Dry River Beds

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